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SILVER BAND. THANKYOUVERYMUCH. Okay la, so we're proud. Why not? We finally got a Silver for SYF'05 after many years of being a 'copper' band.

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Jing Xuan
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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hi hello I'm bored and I can't sleep so I'm here. Links have all been updated, anymore? (I wanna punch Linda I swear. I'd to change her link like 335452341 times.)

Anyway, I miss band alot. :( It's like, suddenly on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon I've no idea where to go. I used to always drag my feet to that ulu pandan corner of the school but now I find myself finding excuses to walk past that room. (And also cause I wanna see if any idiots are trying to mess around with the percussion instruments.)

I'm so gonna miss Sue-you, Isabelle and Claudine for that little secret we shared about Miss Mighty Tall & Strong, Sharon the little brother, Melly Nadiah Steffie.. Gah. :( I'm sorry that I only got to talk to people like Kimberly, Shok Wen and Chor Wen in my last year. I guessed I missed out on this, URMS, lovable bunch.

Anyhow, new committee selected. Michelle as president and Sharon as vice-president. Hahahaha. You should hear the way they give commands. -gulps.

But okay la I guess. Learning learning..

Tsk. I think I put in more effort for SYF than Os. Oops. But seriously la, I'm so stressed I think I don't wanna take Os anymore. :( (Then retain and stay in band another year? Hmmmm.) Hahaha.

Okay whatever already. I'm sleep-deprived and getting incoherent. Goodbye everyone. And enjoy the music while you still can. (;

- Beryl

P/S: Don't anyone dare to touch my 'baby'. I'll whack the shit outta whoever if there's a new scratch on it. Oh ya, I'm still thinking of a name for it. Hahahah.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005



we left a legacy behind! haha! well done everyone! well done SUYU!!! you really WHACKED the high F just like i told you too! heh heh.

oh, how i'd liketo see mrs chan and mrs das faces.


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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Who says no one comes in? HMMM? And I missed ya Sarah. Oh yes, sure as hell, we're gonna clinch like Silver or something and quote unquote Mr Tan, 'leave a legacy behind'. :D

P/S: I look very pretty in the prefect's uniform, so I'm gonna keep it. HAHAHAH.

- Berylchua.

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Friday, April 08, 2005

hello! who comes here anymore? haha i figure no one's blogging because not many of you guys have got access to this blog. lol so yes if you wanna be added, leave a note on my blog with your emails mkay. :)

OH! and all the best for syf 05 guys!!! you guys are gonna do greatt. have faith!!

- sarahmarie. :D

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Well, hasn't this place become stagnant. Anyway, a few issues to address here. (Even though I'm at the lowest of the hierarchy system. HAH)

Hello people, sometimes I think you guys are too much. We, the percussionists, though good with our hands (if I dare say so myself) do not have more hands than any normal human being does. We all have one pair, and that one pair is NOT enough for us to carry all the percussion instruments. We sought for help, and do you guys ever? (I'm speaking on general terms now).

I swear I was so annoyed and disgusted by you people's actions just now, I could have flipped and slapped you all. I mean, hello? You performed at the hall, we performed too, yet how come you guys just take off with your own instruments and never bothered coming back up the hall to help us? Mel, Nadiah, Stef, I-Mai and myself had to bring all the instruments down the stage ourselves and like it wasn't bad enough, we were under immense pressure from Mrs Tan and all her "C'mon girls, quick quick!" And then I carry my snare drum and along the corridor, I spot hordes of you carrying your bags and going home. So okay, wtf? We were sweating it out up there!

Then I did what any normal frustrated person would do and that was to yell down, "Walao, you people damn asshole. Can come up and help or not lor?" Okay, so maybe the words used weren't THAT pleasant but those who know me knows very well the way I speak.

I went into the lift with the bass drum, and a timpani and when the doors opened at the first level, this ABC comes along and retorts, "Okay lah. Shout what shout. Helping now lah!" And saying that very sentence with her backpack right on her shoulders. And I knew those who helped didn't really intend to nor had the mind to. I mean, hey, check out the bags on the shoulders? You mean you guys wanted to help push the timpani whilst carrying the bags? Ridiculous lah please. That's why that sentence\retort got me ultra cheesed off.

And this other XYZ flashed me her pearly white teeth and walks off upon hearing what I shouted. Geez. So.. helpful.

Like hey all, thanks a ton for the moral support but what we really need is some physical help from you all. It's so bloody tempting to just tell you guys, "Hey, we, the percussionists, are all gonna quit band now and you guys can go do your own drumming on SYF - tapping your shoes or whatsoever." I don't think of it as a threat, so don't say we are. Just that this thought pops into MY mind whenever I see you guys scurrying off after each performance\rehearsal. It's also kinda hurting to learn that Hey, these are your fellow band members and they are walking off without you.

And I'm gonna blow up soon, really. This is so not the first time you guys just left like that.

And then there's again the issue of how some very nice people, knowing very well that I'm carrying a heavy instrument with me, does not stop and help to hold the door open but instead just pulls her instrument through the door along with her in the remaining few seconds before the door shuts completely and leave me facing on blue door. Oh yes, I know how eager you are to feel the air-con and all that shit but hey, spare a thought for me - I like being within reach of the scorching sun rays?

And certain people really do need to get used to the fact that they sit just right infront of the percussion section. It's not like we choose to arrange our instruments this way, it's just the way it's like. And you complain. First about the noise. Then about the space. Then this and that. Like hello, Mr Tan wants Nadiah to play loud, she does. And you cover your ears and go, "Eh don't so loud leh!" It was not in a very polite tone for your info. Like am I supposed to do as you wish or as Mr Tan wishes? We crash the cymbals, you complain. So why not next time you suggest to Mr Tan that we just slightly tap the cymbal with the triangle stick? Or is that even too loud for your over-sensitive eardrums?

And in view of what happened today, yeah, we weren't really happy about it (Duh, who will?) so yeah. The teachers learnt about it and whatnots and. I wasn't the one who specifically spoke to Puan Sharidah so yeah, don't get on my nerves by throwing me dirty looks when being reprimanded the following week. Not that I think you guys don't deserve it - you do - but I just don't wanna bother anymore. It just shows how humane you fellow band members can be. Hate me, diss me, whatever. But you guys kinda make band sessions suck at times.

There's also this one junior who speaks to me like as though I'm her younger sis or best friend or something. "Eh Beryl, hurry up eat and get into the band room now!" I was pretty amazed at how calmly she walked off after that. I don't hold a high status nor a high rank in band but hey, I'm a Sec 4, damnit! You talk to me like that and I'm supposed to nod my head like a puppy and follow you or something? My friends who heard were bewildered and went, "Are you the senior or is she the senior? Wahh, life quite sad ah in band? To be bossed around by this kinda people?" And it's not the issue of me 'losing face' here (Not that I felt it, I was too shocked then.) It's more of, hello, my respect as a senior where? And I'm not the only one feeling this. I kept all these thoughts and feelings to myself until that day, Mel came up to me and was like "Eh, that EFG think she is some kinda big fart or what? Why so rude to me? She practically ordered me around like I'm a Sec 1!" So yes, lovely juniors, really.

That's about all (for now. I'm damn bloody sure there's more to come.) And if I may remind you again, I'm speaking generally here. Thank you.

With absolute disgust love,

Beryl Chua.

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

OMG! our dear band blog is dead! noooooo!! cnnt cnnt! tis cnnt b happening. okok, sorwie la, i wasnt able to update like for centuries, com was dwn..long story.

anyway, things in band, okie la.. haha yupp. practicing like damn hard for d SYF! we MUST get a medle tis yr sia. haha yupp. :) try yur best everyone!!

SARAH!! guess wad?! we've gt 2 darling juniors. haha yes yes, finally! haha. -smiles- LoL..

anyway, i've moved to a diff blog already..send me another invitation okies?

see u soon. take care!

-if u darling juniors somehow found tis webby, PLS RMB TO BUZZ EVERYDAE!! haha.. x)

lotsa love,

PS: sarah, sms me to ask me for me user id okies? :)

visit me at: www.truehearts-emm.blogspot.com

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Friday, October 29, 2004

sjc's band concert on the 18th of dec. tickets are at 5 bucks each. held in school. starts at 3pm. :)

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